Golden State Residential Adult Program

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Golden State Residential Adult Program (GSRAP) is to provide Intellectually Disabled consumers with excellence in family care and services which will further enhance and develop their lives. The primary goal is to provide each of our Consumers with a long-term, secure environment and a normal and respectful life. Services are inclusive and encompass personal, physical and social growth aimed at assisted or independent community life.

Program Description

The Golden State Residential Adult Program is an adult family home agency, a unique approach to living which is designed to provide community opportunities for a small number of Intellectually Disabled Consumers in individual family homes. GSRAP’s primary focus is to provide services to under served Intellectually Disabled Consumers. GSRAP partners with Bay Area regional centers to offer a full range of support services for all Consumers. GSRAP continuously recruits and trains family home providers to support a diverse population of Intellectually Disabled persons. GSRAP’s ongoing case management services ensure efficient planning and development. GSRAP is equally committed to ensuring that the family home providers receive the support and training necessary to assist them in providing the very best service to all of our consumers. With a maximum of 2 (two) Consumers per home, our Consumers receive ongoing individualized attention and support. GSRAP’s family home agency provides a distinctive opportunity for each of our Consumers to grow individually and as a contributing member of their new family and community.